Preserving the memory of New England's popular amusement park

One of the most beautiful, and certainly most popular "trolley" parks in New England, Norumbega Park opened in 1897 in Auburndale (a village of  Newton) Massachusetts and closed for good on Labor Day weekend 1963. The Totem Pole ballroom opened in 1930 and closed in February 1964.

Take a walk down memory lane in this history of  Norumbega Park, in  its heyday one of New England's prime recreational  sites and the home  of the famous Totem Pole Ballroom. Based on the work  of the late Bob  Pollock, a Norumbega enthusiast who spent more than a decade documenting the park's rich history and gathering Norumbega  photographs and  memorabilia.

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Norumbega Park, Auburndale Massachusetts